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Item no. 291B   Dragon
Item no. 290B   Knight with carrots
  Item no. 223B  Knight in shinning armor
Item no. 224B  Knight's horse dressed to go with Knight


Item no.  222B  Friar Tuck
Item no.  220B  Maid Marian
Item no.  221B  Robin Hood
  Item no.  33B  Renaissance Lady
Item no.  32B  Renaissance Man
Check price list for additional color choices.


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Item no. 68T Alice in Wonderland Rabbit in waist coat.
Item no. 227 One of our sweet MN Vikings. 
Item no. 76T Alice rabbit at the Queens game
  Bear & Bunny Court Jesters
Item no. 225T  From Renaissance figures Court Jester
Check Toy list for color choices
This pair is from my Medieval and Renaissance collection. This collection also includes a knight, with his horse, a friendly dragon, as well as a Lady in her finery and a Lord with pumpkin pants.


Item no.  1V  Fairy God Mother in  small gift bag with garden scene and starry night sky back drop behind the Fairy.  Bag is 3 and 1/2 inches tall.
The Fairy God Mother may be ordered as a single figure.
Item no. 311B Standing Fairy 
  Item no 23B  Sitting Fairy


Item no. 18B  Ballet Dancer 
Color choices are as follows: Light Aqua, Soft Blue, Soft Green, Pink,  and Lavender.
 You may also choose a  pose from above.  A, B. C, D, or E.
  Item no. 233B  figure holding Heart
Item no.106B  Figure holding two heart cookies
Item no.  201B  Figure holding glass vase with rose and glitter heart
Item no.   36B   Figure holding non-opening candy heart box


Item no. 54B Bride Large.  Large Groom; the large figures are about 2 1/2 inches tall. 
In the above pictures the large bride is sitting down.
Small Bride   Small Groom  
  Item no. 294B  Mama pushing baby in buggy
Item no.  67B  Papa in top hat holding pocket watch


Item no. 266B  Devil costume
Item no. 77B  Vampire costume
  Item no. 78B  Pumpkin costume
Item no. 264B Witch costume


Item no.  278B Indian woman w/ corn
Item no.  303B Indian woman w/ pot
Item no.  278B Indian man w/ spear& fish
Item no. 231B Indian man w/ spear& shield
  Item no. 59B  Pilgrim woman with pie
Item no. 280B  Turkey dressed for dinner
Item no. 58B  Pilgrim man with pumpkin


Item no. 199B Cowgirl or boy with saddled horse
Item no. 229B Cowgirl of boy with lariat
  Item no. 225B  Fisherman
Item no. 15B  Swimmer in pool w/ flippers and inner tube (boy or girl available)
Item no.  307B  at the circus


Item no. 12B boy or girl w/ flipper-mask-inner tube   Item no.285B boy or girl on a towel
Item no.273B with piggy bank and coins



Item no. 299B   Train Engineer   Item no. 103B Batman
Item no. 265B   Spiderman
Item no. 1B   Superman
Item no. 268B   Dick Tracy



Item no. 91  Price is $7.75 holding pine cone
Item no. 173B  Price is $15.75 Santa Lucia
Item no. 7B  Price is $10.75 holding sock
  Item no. 202B Price is $8.75 Christmas gift
Item no. 11B  Price is $10.75  Santa with bag of holly
Item no. 92B  Price is $10.75  holding Poinsettia


Item no. 8B Santa hat with bell
Item no. 295B holding mistletoe and ribbon
Item no. 17B  in Santa hat with candy cane
  Whole Nativity: Check list for description


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Item no. 289B Swiss styled Cow   Nativity Pieces
Item 48B  King with gift.  Check list for additional color combination.
Item 211 Camel dressed for king.  Check list for  color combination choices .


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Item no. 1M 
Santa's Caribou

  Item no. 270B  Statue of Liberty
Item no. 20B    in bunny suit (duck or bear only)


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Item no.  293  50 girl in poodle skirt and bebop shoes
Item no. cc292   50 boy with guitar and penny loafers.
Item no. 1T 
Lamb pull toy
has wheels that do   not move.  The wooden base is 5/8 inch long and 3/8 of inch wide.
Item no. 188B
Little Red Riding hood with a hand woven basket



Item no. 9T   Bear in sweater holding a bunny with a lace collar
Item no. 37B   Sofa with quilt and two figures as well as a toy bunny or bear on rug and slippers.
Item no. 39B   Bear or bunny on scale with fluffy slippers choice of colors for towel and slippers.
  Item no.237   Bear or bunny holding red heart with yellow ribbon typed around it.  There is an American flag in back of the figure.



Item no 2M Lion and Lamb
These are a little larger figures than the bear and bunnies.
  Item no. 261 Indian painted pony.


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