Other Things I Enjoy


I do enjoy just making miniatures; but there are a lot of others things that I enjoy as well.  I  collect all sorts of things.  It goes without saying that I collect doll house miniatures.  I of course have a very large collection of materials for making miniature..... may kinds of fabrics, laces, trims, silk ribbon, papers, wood, paints, stains, shells, seeds, barks, punches, beads, tools,  and at least six different clays ..... well you get the idea I have just about anything that you can think of to make miniatures.  I collect a lot of other things... such as Christmas ornaments, coloring books, paper doll books, children's books as well as lots and lots of quit fabric and yarn.


I love to knit and have been doing it for 50 years.  I have enjoyed drawing and painting since as far back as I can remember.... but haven't done much of either lately. I also have done a lot of needlework and I do own two sewing machine.... make that three.  I have the machine that I learned to sew on as a child.  It is a non-electric model.... it is a treadle model.  Of course I most enjoy spending time with family.

Pictures coming soon.